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April FUNdraising in Chicago for Reading With Pictures

April in Chicago means two things are about to invade the Chicago lakeshore: beautiful springtime weather, and the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) at McCormick place! This year, Reading with Pictures is partnering with local event organizers CrawlNightLong ( to make a month-long fundraising extravaganza. Everything kicks off April 1st, when nearby South Loop pizza joint Flo & Santos ( celebrates their 5th anniversary by serving up their April pizza of the month, a superhero-themed “The Flame” pie. With pepperoni, garlic, smoked ghost pepper mozzarella cheese, and sriracha sauce, this is surely a pizza you won’t forget. And to […] Read More


Today we welcome a guest post from Alex Simmons, founder of Kids Comic Con.  He’s sharing a story about a really exciting campaign he’s doing to help get comics into the classroom! About 12 days ago I launched the KCC BUCKS 4 BOOKS fundraiser on  The purpose is to help raise money so that at our event on May 11th, we can give some money to needy children so they can buy books there.   How much is explained on the fundraiser web site.  How many is dependent on how much we raise. Why am I, and my KCC volunteers, doing this?  Let […] Read More

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From the Editor, Chris Wilson – The Graphic Classroom The Graphic Classroom began in 2006 in preparation for my Masters degree in Elementary Education. Since then, we have amassed a group of staff writers who are staff in the devoted, unpaid, volunteer staff that only love can keep going. I am a very lucky editor –– and you a lucky reader –– in that we are surrounded by teachers and librarians whose passion for reading and learning exceeds their need for rest.