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Today we welcome a guest post from Alex Simmons, founder of Kids Comic Con.  He’s sharing a story about a really exciting campaign he’s doing to help get comics into the classroom!

About 12 days ago I launched the KCC BUCKS 4 BOOKS fundraiser on  The purpose is to help raise money so that at our event on May 11th, we can give some money to needy children so they can buy books there.


How much is explained on the fundraiser web site.  How many is dependent on how much we raise.

Why am I, and my KCC volunteers, doing this?  Let me speak for myself on this.

Off and on I am asked why I am such a committed advocate for children and teens.  Why do I care if they can read, write, imagine, or create diddly?  Simple answer is I do.  The complex answer is also the bigger picture … It’s our job as adults.

We’re supposed to give back to them what was given to us.  And if it wasn’t, then we’re supposed to do better.  Children are not only our future – they are their own future.  And if we short change them the tools they need to achieve, then we are small minded and self centered.  A child, who can read, can grow, question, evaluate, and better plan their lives. And if they can envision their goals, and imagine themselves succeeding, then they are more motivated to learn the lesson we’re trying to teach them now.

Ignorance is a disease.  Reading and expanding the mind can be the cure.

Read more about Kids Comic Con here! And of course support their campaign by visiting their IndieGoGo page here.