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What’s New in the Database for August

It has been a busy month here at Reading With Pictures database operations! We have added a number of great resources for educators, both in the research and teaching tools sections. There’s something for everyone!  As always, access to the database is free when you register. Thanks for your support of our mission to get comics into schools and schools into comics.


• Reading With Pictures presentation from San Diego Comic-Con on using comics and graphic novels as texts in the Common Core State Standards

-Presentation slides (download)

-Complete document (download)

• Presentation on teaching Common Core Mathematics Standards through comics by Jim McClain, math teacher and creator of Solution Squad (download)

• Booklist webinar “Common Core and More: Surprising Reasons to Go Graphic” (link)

Teaching Resources

• Teacher’s guide for March: Book One  (link)

The Montgomery Story comic from 1957 (download)

• Teacher’s guide for Rapunzel’s Revenge (download)

• “Multiple Intelligences & Comics Education” a comic for educators by Marek Bennett  (link)

• “Multiple Intelligences: What Kinds of Smart Are You?” a comic for educators by Andrew Wales (link)

• “Learning Styles: The Comic Book” by Andrew Wales (link)

• “Raising A Reader! How Comics and Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love to Read!” by Dr. Meryl Jaffe, Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm, and Raina Telgemeier for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (link)

• Diamond Book Distributors’ Graphic Novel Common Core list (link)

Terms for comics studies – some illustrations at the Tics, Tics & Tics blog (link)

Mini-comics Assembly Guide by Chris Schweizer (download)

13 Animals Who Use Tools by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wicks (link)


Research Reports

• “Use of Cartoons and Comics to Teach Algebra in Mathematics Classrooms” by Tin Lam Toh, Nanyang Technological University (download)

• “Learning to see History: A Content Analysis of the Affordances of Graphic Novels for High School Teaching,” dissertation by William Boerman-Cornell, University of Illinois at Chicago (download)

• “Graphic Novels vs. Original Texts: A Comparison Study in Enjoyment and Comprehension in High School Students” by Emma de Boer and Lyndsey D. Myers, University of Texas at Austin (download)

• “Graphic Novels and Multimodal Literacy: A Reader Response Study,” dissertation by Heidi Kay Hammond, University of Minnesota (download)