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Sample Scripts

Pistolwhip Presents: January

Setting: *One month before* the events of the upcoming Pistolwhip: The Yellow MenacePAGE ONE (6 panels)Panel 1. Early morning. We’re deep underwater, and we see a shot of dead bodies tied down by the ankles with rope to large rocks that sit on the ocean floor (as seen on the first page of the first Pistolwhip GN). The title of our story, “Pistolwhip Presents: January” is written in “watery, flowing” lettering (to match the underwater atmosphere) in the upper left corner of the panel.

Grendel: Devil Child #1, pp. 1-5

PAGE 1Nighttime. Stacy has been sleeping. She’s about 12 years old and thin, a little too thin. Her dark hair is short, cropped just above shoulder length. She?s wearing a plain white shift which hangs to about mid-thigh. She’s in her (private) room in what we will later learn is an exclusive institution for people who are mentally disturbed but can afford high-class care. No bars on the windows or anything like that, but some suggestion of institutional life — think hospital room, stark, bare, little in the way of furniture other than a single bed, small side table with […] Read More