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Grades 9-12

Unit Plan – World War II: Images and Reflections

Canadian History Since WWI CHC2P Grade 10 Applied By: Jennifer Stewart This unit is designed to give students a more personal experience of the events of World War II.  The key elements of the war are to be examined, especially causes and outcomes.  However, the specific details of battles and famous personalities will be de-emphasized.  Instead, the unit will focus on the lives of everyday people, especially those on the home-front.  Students will be asked to examine how their family or culture was affected by the war, to give them a personal experience which will enable them to better relate […] Read More

The Graphic Novel Course Syllabus

Course Title: English 12: The Graphic Novel Grade Level and Phase: 12 High School/College Prep Length of Course:  Year Developed for: Masconomet Regional High School By: Maureen Bakis Grade 12 English, The Graphic Novel, is an Honors/College-preparatory course designed to meet the comprehensive needs of a senior. This course occurs in a collaborative learning community where the instructor facilitates active, constructive, language arts-based experiences to promote positive attitudes toward reading, personal expression, and life-long learning. Download syllabus here. Download letter to NCAA Eligibility Center requesting approval of this course. Download presentation explaining the course at Masconomet Regional High School Open House.