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Earthling Cover

By Noah Student Reviewer Age 10, Grade 4 Nixa, MO Great book! It starts out when a kid and his father move to a new house, a telescope lab. Someone surprisingly was sneaking in the house, kind of like AMULET vol. 1. His father then sent him to bed because he had his first school day in his new school. Then, the next day he got on the wrong bus. Unfortunately that bus was for a school in outerspace not his school. Then he meets a friend named Gort. The kid, Bud, told Gort he was an earthling. Earthlings were enemies to […] Read More

Image, Text, and Story: Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom

By: Rachel Marie-Crane Williams Originally published: in Art Education by NAEA This article explains how graphic novels and comics can reach reluctant students while focusing on a variety of topics and creating visual culture in the classroom. Image, Text, and Story- Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom – Download the document here.

Not The Usual Suspects – Poetry and Graphic Novels as 21st Century Tools

By: Mark Geary, Assistant Professor of Children’s Literature -Dakota State University Originally published: in Florida Education Leadership by Florida ASCD. An article, “…on the importance of graphic novels in the classroom, with an emphasis on it’s functionality as a tool in helping students learn storyboarding and video production, a key 21st Century Skill.” View here: Not the Usual Suspects Geary 2011