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  STORY SYNOPSIS Ed is a dreamer. He loves his comics and make-believe and isn’t really interested in the grown up world. That is, until a space ship full of intergalactic refugee slaves comes crashing down into his tree house. The three aliens quickly set up shop in an effort to teleport their people to Earth, one by one, to save them from their bonds of slavery at the hands of the intergalactic food court. Others have a different idea. Ed’s bullying rich girl, Natalie, and Maximus Obliterus, the greatest of all the mall security from space are coming in […] Read More


By Kevin Hodgson Staff Writer STORY SYNOPSIS What if you lost your sense of adventure? What if you stopped dreaming and your imagination was left to wither away? In THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES, writer and artist Scott Christian Sava introduces us to a character who must dream in order to enter into and become part of an alternative world. Drawn in computerized 3D imagery with computer graphics, Sava elaborately creates a place of the imagination where creatures both big and small, kind and deadly, are on the loose.


Dinosaurs Across America

REVIEW Geography, like many subjects, can be boring, fraught with the nasty notion that simply memorizing states and capitals constitutes learning. Phil Yeh, while presenting basic information about each state, also gives the reader a look into other aspects of the state, such as human interaction with the place, as well as history about the music, art, or technology that has shaped each state. There is even a little story to go along with the information to help the reader move along. It is a good thing.


Crypto Zooey Cover

By Michael Schofield Staff Writer So, CryptoZooey #1 was a hit at Comic-Con – and it was Well. Frigging. Deserved! Charming and funny, there is a little related-something akin to my youth’s sacred WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE that called-up my inner monster-fearer from below my inner dork that made Sarah and Steve Troop’s comic immediately endearing. It’s no stretch of imagination to understand what won over Comic-Conners when it is marketed as “CryptoZooey. A girl. A quest. And the monsters that help her.” Monsters rule.

AMELIA RULES!: Volumes 2-3

Amelia Rules 2

By Chris Wilson Editor-in-Geek STORY SYNOPSIS Amelia’s story continues in these next two volumes in the hit, all-ages series. Reggie leads his band of pint-sized super heroes to battle against the Ninjas across town and the Legion of Steves. Amelia gets caught up in a kiss that would make Shakespeare proud. All the while, the hardships of the real world keep coming and Amelia makes her way through it with the help of those around her.

AMELIA RULES! The Whole World’s Crazy

Amelia Rules 1

By Chris Wilson Editor-in-Geek STORY SYNOPSIS In this first volume the book is split into five sections, each one a separate story from the others. This is the story of Amelia. Her mother and father are recently divorced. She and her mother moved in with Tanner, Amelia’s 20-something aunt. Amelia finds herself a new group of friends, two of which she likes and one she does not. She and Rhonda love to hate one another and they frequently compete and bicker.


Adventures in Cartooning cover

By Chris Wilson Editor-in-Geek REVIEW “Once upon a time … a princess tried to make a comic…” and her efforts were cleverly captured by Sturm, Frederick-Frost and Arnold and put to page. Thanks to an elf – a magic cartooning elf, that is – the young princess embarked on her own journey to learn how to draw the story stuck in her mind.


Magic Trixie Cover

By Tracy Edmunds Staff Writer Author: Jill Thompson Illustrator: Jill Thompson Publisher: HarperCollins Genre: Fantasy Format: Softcover Pages: 93 Color: Full color ISBN-13: 978-0061170454 STORY SYNOPSIS Magic Trixie has a problem; everyone loves her baby sister, Abby Cadabra, and no one is paying attention to Magic Trixie! On top of that, she has to come up with a “wow” for show and tell day at Monstersorri School to impress her friends; Loupe Garou, the sassy werewolf girl; Stitch Patch, the sweet Frankenstein’s monster; and Nefi, the beautiful mummy girl. When Magic Trixie finds a way to fix both problems at […] Read More