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Author Archives: John Shableski

Why Comics your PDF resource on the value of comics in literacy

Last summer, we held our very first virtual con and it was quite the learning process and a success! Over the course of three days we had a lot of great presentations, panels and guest speakers. One of the products of this first event is our excellent handout called Why Comics. If you would like your own copy, please feel free to hit this link for the free download.

Resources for the Fight Against Censorship

The news of censorship efforts continues to hit daily with organized efforts by people who are intent on making sure that any book or story they do not approve of (and very often, have not even read) does not see the light of day in classrooms, school libraries, public libraries and even bookstores. There is a very visible pattern with each of these events: they attack the librarian, the teacher, bookseller and now, school board members over a list of titles that begins with the banned book list. The list has expanded to include prominent titles by authors of color on […] Read More

Celebrating 2021 and Looking Ahead to 2022

Hello, dear friend of Reading With Pictures. 2021 has been a very busy year as we have been focused on renewing our operations, creating a new logo, updating policies, and creating innovative programming and new resources for teachers, librarians, and publishing professionals. In August, we launched our first Teaching With Comics conference, a three-day virtual event featuring two keynote speakers: educator, poet, activist, and comic creator Dr. Lee Francis IV and educator, artist, and cartoonist Cara Bean. Thanks to the hard work of our team and sponsors like Manga Classics, Pixton, and Diamond Book Distributors, the event was a great […] Read More

Welcome to the New Reading With Pictures!

Hello and thank you for stopping by! As you may have noticed from our social media and ongoing updates to the website, we’re in the midst of exciting changes to our organization, our mission, and our board. With all of these changes, we aspire to a truly global approach to literacy through the comics medium, as well as related media such as gaming, makerspace, and animation. Reading With Pictures was founded in 2009 by Josh Elder, whose vision was to bring comics into the classroom as a tool that teachers can use to engage students of all abilities. Since those days, […] Read More