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Ah, summer.  Time to kick back, relax, and read!  It’s a great opportunity to improve kids’ literacy skills, expand their horizons, and let them enjoy books and comics just for fun.  But how do you find great comics and graphic novels for kids?  Here are some ideas from the professionals at Reading With Pictures.

• Try your local library! Many libraries have graphic novel collections. Just ask a librarian to point you to the all-ages or children’s comics and graphic novels. The best part is kids can read them for free.

• Visit your local comic shop!  Comic shops are independently owned, and most have friendly, helpful staff that can help you locate great comics for any reader.  Find a kid-friendly comic shop and preview new issues of many all-ages comics online at Diamond Previews for Kids.  All new comics released each week are listed at ComicList.

• Go digital!  Kids love to read comics on computers, tablets, or even smartphones.  There are plenty of free webcomics for kids, and digital readers make purchasing their favorite titles quick and easy.

Kid-friendly free webcomics:

Saturday Morning Webtoons

Lunchbox Funnies

DC Nation Kids

Marvel Kids

You can purchase kids’ digital comics through these comic apps:

ComicsPlus Kids

Kids Comics on Comixology

Top Shelf Kids Club

Archie Digital Comics

• Make comics!  Why not have kids make their own comics this summer, too?  Click the pictures below to access free online comic creators!

 TE_1  TE_2

Toon Books CarTOON Makers &
Comic Strip Maker

Comic Creator from

 TE_3  TE_4

Make Beliefs Comix


More resources:

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—Tracy Edmunds, RWP Curriculum Resources Manager. Tracy Edmunds, M.A. is an educational author, editor, and curriculum developer. As a teacher, she experienced first-hand the power of comics in teaching and learning and is particularly passionate about using comics to teach science and history, and to build early literacy skills.