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Busy Elves (2009 to RWP 2.0)

Since our founding in 2009, Reading with Pictures has been at the forefront of the educational comics movement.

We have visited hundreds of schools, libraries, universities, conferences and conventions across the country offering workshops, professional development seminars and consulting on best practices. We created critically acclaimed classroom content with our Reading With Pictures Anthology. Now we’ve taken the final steps in becoming a full-fledged non-profit organization by submitting our 501(c)3 application and hiring Laura Harper, an experienced non-profit professional, as our Executive Director.

In early 2012, we’re launching the next major phase of Reading With Pictures, and we invite you to be a part of it. We call it RWP 2.0, and the focus will be on creating a central hub of online dialogue and resources for educators, publishers, academics, cartoonists and parents. This includes:

  1. Developing a discussion board hosted on RWP’s website
  2. Building online databases that aggregate white papers and academic research abstracts as well as lesson plans and curriculum guides, book reviews, recommended reading lists and links to external resources.
  3. Taking what we did in the Reading With Pictures Anthology to the next level and laying the groundwork for a game-changing study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University.

And we’re very proud to announce our formal partnership with Chris Wilson of The Graphic Classroom, Chris will be bringing his energy, expertise and enthusiasm to Reading With Pictures where he will be tasked with overseeing all our educator resources. We couldn’t be more excited to have Chris on the team, and we know you’re going to feel the same once you see him in action! 

Will you be part of our story? Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Send proven lesson plans, intriguing articles and testimonials on your experience with comics in the classroom.
  2. Volunteer to assist with developing and importing resources to our website.
  3. Make a financial donation.

Together we will spark an education revolution. Thank you for your contribution and happy holidays!
Josh Elder
President and Founder