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Serious Business About Comics

Written by A. David Lewis

In 2006, comic book creator and educator A. David Lewis (THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS) was asked by Fuller Middle School in Framingham, MA to come speak on the graphic novel to a section of their 6th grade (ages 11-12). This fit into the MA educational curriculum framework (their state guidelines) as the exploration of an alternate literary genre as well as the integration of art with text. Having already taken that Spring’s MCAS exam, this interactive discussion on comics and graphic novels was a welcome respite to the students; in advance of the presentation, each class was given time, with some loose instructions, to fashion their own 8-page “graphic novels” on any story of their choosing/devising. Therefore, when Lewis arrived, each student had already some personal experience with the medium — as a creator! — even if they had never read a comic themselves. He proceeded to give his talk on the possible definitions, stereotypes, history, and creative process for comic books, being sure to engage the student-audience and ask them about their own recent attempts. What follows is Lewis’ own PowerPoint file and instructive notes to others who wish to modify the presentation for their own pedagogical purposes.Download Power Point:

Download notes on Power Point:  130_lewis