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Joe Sacco’s Palestine

  1. How would you describe Sacco’s artistic style? What is its most striking feature?
  2. Choose a page in the book and carefully examine Sacco’s visual strategies on that page. How does he combine words and pictures in effective ways? Be specific.
  3. What chapter or story do you find most effective? Why? Be specific.
  4. Which character do you find most memorable? Why? Be specific.
  5. Take another look at pages 161-2, where a Palestinian sitting with Sacco questions the good that his book will accomplish. Then look at pages 242-3, where a mother who has lost two sons makes a similar point. What is your reaction to these charges? Why do you think Sacco included this section in Palestine?
  6. What are your reactions to “Women” and “Still One of the Boys” in Chapter Five?
  7. How does Sacco present himself throughout the book? Cite specific pages and/or panels as examples. What might he be suggesting about the role of the journalist?
  8. This book was originally printed as nine individual comic books from 1993 to 1995. How do you think the relevance of this collection changed since the events of 9/11/01?
  9. How would you describe the tone of this book? Cite specific pages and/or panels as examples.
  10. What are your reactions to “Through Other Eyes” in Chapter Nine?
  11. What point is Sacco making on pages 282-3?
  12. Before reading this book, what where your attitudes about Palestine and Palestinians? About Israel and Israelis? In what ways has the book informed you more deeply about these places and peoples?
  13. If you could ask Joe Sacco any questions, what would they be?