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A Journey into the Human Body

Author/Illustrator: Soo Oh, Seok Yun, Kakao Han

Publisher: Ykids

Grade levels: 4-5, 6-8

Subject: Science

Special attractions: Teen lead characters

Titles in this series:

A Journey into the Human Body: One quiet night in the Abracadabra School of Magic, two senior student wizards are heard running towards the junior quarters in the dormitory. The dean has fallen sick and the principal has summoned three junior student wizards, who are always in some sort of mischief, to his office. The principal told the junior wizards that random magic coursing through the school has created a little monster who is now wreaking havoc in the dean’s body! The only way to save the dean is to go on a quest in the magical mini Pumpkin Submarine for children and small people. The principal sends the young wizards on a quest to save the dean which takes them on an adventure into the human body. Will the young friends find and capture the monster?

A Journey into the Human Body vol. 2: This sequel to Journey into the Human Body 1 begins with the principal of a magic school coming down with a mysterious illness. Professors and students are concerned. To find the cause of the illness, Joon and Sunny tempt Ken to explore the interior of the principal’s body, as they did in the previous book. While exploring the tissues of his eyes, Sunny and Ken lose contact with Joon. New explorations begin with the help of professor Gid, who teaches the trio about the eyes, nose, and mouth. This simple, boldly illustrated comic book makes the story of the body fun and educational.

Publisher’s book pages: Vol 1, Vol 2