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Ian Chipman

Ian Chipman

After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in Comparative LIterature, Ian Chipman odd-jobbed as a writer, bartender, and traveling salesman until he joined Booklist magazine, the review journal of the American Library Association. As a Senior Editor of the Books for Youth section, he transformed the magazine’s graphic novel coverage, was the consultant for YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee, and moderated panels and webinars to spread the comics gospel to the nation’s librarians and educators.

Ian has been dedicated to getting as many comics into the hands of as many children as possible ever since he realized just how much he learned from them as a kid: geography and a love of travel from Uncle Scrooge, wordplay and absurdism from Pogo, history from Asterix, satire from Bloom County. Ian is certain he wouldn’t be the upstanding citizen he is today without such fine influences, and he’s thrilled to join Reading With Pictures’ mission of promoting literacy with comics.

When he’s not reading, taking photos, cooking, and playing with his daughter, Ian’s wondering when he’ll next be able to read, take photos, cook, and play with his daughter.