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Writing Prompts Blog To Help Literacy, ELL Students Express Their Creativity

In its efforts to provide more writing tools for educators, has launched a new blog called Something to Write About that can be used by students enrolled in literacy and English Language Learner programs. ‘’Our goal in regularly posting writing prompts is to help students find their writers’ voices and express the stories within them,’’ says Bill Zimmerman who created the free online comic strip generator and the new blog.

Here are some examples of writing prompts posted:

. Through some miracle you are able to understand the thoughts and conversations of your favorite pet or animal.  The creature’s thoughts and words astonish you — they even shock you.  They provide you with the rare chance to see the world in an entirely new light.  What stories do you hear the creatures tell?  What do you learn?

. What if I asked you to write your life story in just six words? Maybe these would be six separate words that describe the highlights of your life. Or, maybe the six words combine to form a simple sentence that conveys the most important belief you have or what makes you different from other people. Try this to see if you can tell us about yourself in only a few words.

. The mythical character Daedalus, who can fly with wings he has made of feathers and wax, sits quietly at the foot of your bed, waiting for you to awaken. He has a special set of wings for you and will show you how to safely fly to any place or realm you desire. He can take you back in time or into the future – or even to some distant star in the galaxy. What places will you soar to? What adventure will befall you?

A pioneer in developing interactive techniques to encourage writing, Zimmerman for many years edited the nationally syndicated Newsday Student Briefing Page, which was twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. More than 200,000 educators and students from more than 180 countries visit each month to build their own comic strips and practice language, writing and reading skills.  The site was selected by Google as UNESCO as among the world’s most innovative sites to encourage literacy and writing.  And the American Library Association chose it as a Great Web Site for Kids.

submitted by Chris Wilson