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Los Bros Hernandez's Flies on the Ceiling

  1. How would you describe Hernandez’s artistic style? How does it compare to Sturm and Sacco?
  2. Identify two or three visual strategies that Hernandezes employ in their work and discuss how they contribute to the stories and/or the stories’ themes.
  3. Find examples of transitions throughout the book and explain the effects they have and/or the closure they demand of the reader.
  4. What exactly is happening in “Flies on the Ceiling”? Is Izzy really being pursued by Satan, or are these “appearances” just a product of her imagination? How do you know?
  5. What is your impression of Frida Kahlo, as re imagined by Gilbert Hernandez? What sort of influence do you think the artist had on the Hernandez brothers?
  6. How would you describe the relationship between Maggie and Hopey? Between Maggie and Ray? Between Ray and Danita? Between Doyle and Lily? What does Jaime Hernandez seem to be suggesting about love?
  7. Pay close attention to backgrounds throughout these stories. How does Hernandez establish and treat setting and environment?
  8. Which characters do you find to be the most interesting and engaging (consider all of the stories in the book)? Why?
  9. In what ways does the Hernandez’s portrayal of women work against traditional comic book representations? What about his portrayal of Hispanic-American culture?
  10. Come up with three questions that you would ask Jaime Hernandez if given the chance.