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American Born Chinese

Author/Illustrator: Gene Yang Publisher: First Second Books Grade levels: 6-8, 9-12 Subject: Social Studies Genre: Fiction Special Attractions: Multicultural lead characters, Teen lead characters, Social issues, For adults, too Synopsis:  Jin Wang starts at a new school where he’s the only Chinese-American student. When a boy from Taiwan joins his class, Jin doesn’t want to be associated with an FOB like him. Jin just wants to be an all-American boy, because he’s in love with an all-American girl. Danny is an all-American boy: great at basketball, popular with the girls. But his obnoxious Chinese cousin Chin-Kee’s annual visit is such […] Read More

Magic Trixie series

Magic Trixie Cover

Author/Illustrator: Jill Thompson Publisher: Harper Collins Grade levels: K-1, 2-3 Genre: Fantasy Special Attractions: Child Lead Characters, Social Issues Magic Trixie: Magic Trixie has a problem; everyone loves her baby sister, Abby Cadabra, and no one is paying attention to Magic Trixie! On top of that, she has to come up with a “wow” for show and tell day at Monstersorri School to impress her friends; Loupe Garou, the sassy werewolf girl; Stitch Patch, the sweet Frankenstein’s monster; and Nefi, the beautiful mummy girl. When Magic Trixie finds a way to fix both problems at once, she learns that sometimes […] Read More