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Bio: Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller

At a very young age Trevor Mueller was shocked to discover his latent writing abilities. “Am I from another planet?” he used to ponder as a child, but alas he soon discovered that he was a mere mortal by crashing his bike into a tree.

Professional History
A graduate of Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising and Promotions, Trevor has worked in advertising and marketing for his entire career. However, his passion as always been with comics and storytelling.

Trevor has been published in numerous anthologies, including READING WITH PICTURES vol 1-2, as well as HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE from Ronin Studios. He has also self-published several books including ALBERT THE ALIEN and JUNKYARD CHASE. Additionally, Trevor has extensive work as the writer / artist / creator of several award-nominated webcomic series, which can be found on his website,, along with his near-daily updates of movie, video game, and comic reviews.

In 2009 Trevor joined Reading With Pictures as their Marketing Director, combining his love of comics, education, and advertising. Trevor gives lectures and presentations throughout the mid-west at conventions and schools on several topics, including the power of combining creativity and literacy.

Guest Lectures

“It’s never been easier to make comics than it is today!” is Trevor’s motto.

Trevor has lead lectures and workshops at schools, libraries, and conventions across the country. He has been a returning guest lecturer at such conventions as Anime Milwaukee, Anime Central, C2E2, and New York Comic Con. He has also given all-ages workshops on how to make comics at libraries in Chicago, New York, and Ann Arbor.

Trevor created JUNKYARD CHASE as a tool to teach young creators how to make their own comics, and uses it as a model for the entire process – from conception to publishing. This hands-on tool is utilized as a practical guide for crafting stories and making comics.

Service Fees

CONSULTATION Publishers, comic conventions, schools, libraries, and universities. Varies by project. Please contact for a price quote. 3-4 Months
WORKSHOP (1-2 HOURS) Students (grades 3-12 and college) and library  patrons $350 3-4 Weeks
WORKSHOP (FULL DAY) Students (grades 3-12 and college) and library  patrons $1,000 3-4 Months
PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR (1-2  HOURS) Educators, librarians and academics $350 3-4 Weeks
PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR (FULL DAY) Educators, librarians and academics $1,000 3-4 Months

*NOTE: Workshops and seminars can be mixed and matched as needed. That is, one hour can be spent working directly with students while the next can be devoted to advising educators on best practices.

**NOTE: All quoted prices are for service fees only. The client is responsible for paying travel costs to any event located outside the greater Chicago area.

Contact Info

For questions about service or to hire Trevor, please contact him directly at